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PAX3 Refrigeration

For over 30 years PAX3 has specialized in servicing the commercial market place.  Whether it is refrigeration, Air Conditioning, Heating or a variety of restaurant equipment we are here to help.

Our Technicians have years of experience with solving some of the most challenging service problems. We are able to do this by combining state-of–the art service and up-to-date management techniques with time-honored traditions of quality workmanship
and attention to your needs.

Ice Machines  Air Conditioning  Heating  Beer Systems 

Why Choose us? ....... It’s Simple…

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                                    We SAVE YOU 

We are dedicated to creating an environment that allows you to lower your costs and increase the efficiency of your equipment.
We can maintain a complete history of all your equipment and insure it is serviced properly.

All of our technicians are EPA certified. 
                     We have 98.5% customer satisfaction rating.

We proudly employ RSES certified technicians. We hold our team to the highest standards.  All of our team continues to receive training year round to keep up with the newest technologies in the industry.

PAX3 is a founding member of the  Tri-State Hospitality Network (TSHN) provides restaurateurs and managers with a hub of industry specialists who can meet their needs and simplify their business decisions. TSHN connects business owners with more than 30 specialists in a wide array of hospitality-related industries. TSHN has hand-picked partners that business owners can trust with the crucial elements of their business, knowing that they will deliver positive results.

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